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Business Sectors

Commerce Group
Our location in the middle of Europe makes us an attractive business partner for suppliers and enables us to look after our clients' needs without delay.

Our speciality is the Asian market. Our clients include companies from target markets as well as German and other European companies trying to break into the 'East'.

Trading Group is a company devoted to the import/export of goods ranging from machines, flooring, garments, building materials, medical equipment to luxury cars.

We purchase our products directly from selected suppliers to avoid intermediary traders. In this way, we can offer the best quality products at the best price.

Quality is our primary goal - we offer only products that meet the demands of our clients. The best conditions for this are created by a multiplicity of loyal and reliable suppliers. Individual client support, service and punctual delivery go without saying. The client is always our principal concern - see for yourself.

Engineering Consulting Group
Almond’s Consulting Engineers offers its clients a comprehensive engineering and consulting service in all aspects of construction throughout the entire duration of a project.

Al.mand works, as required, both at the side of the client as "owner engineer" and at the side of the contractor as well as for banks and investors. Almond’s services include:

Building Construction & Civil Engineering

  • Turnkey Construction
  • Construction Engineering
  • Structural Alteration Works - Revitalisation
  • Construction Maintenance
  • Tunnelling
  • Ground Engineering
  • Steel Engineering
  • Timber Construction
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Bridge Construction
Transportation Infrastructures

  • Road Construction, Earthworks
  • Pipe and Sewer Construction
  • Railway Construction
  • Construction Material
  • Sewer Engineering
  • Town Planning and Landscape Architecture
  • Paving, Large Surfaces
  • Ground Engineering
  • Sports and Recreational Facilities
  • Traffic engineering
  • Waterway Construction