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Engineering Consulting Group

Engineering Consulting Group
Almond’s Consulting Engineers offers its clients a comprehensive engineering and consulting service in all aspects of construction throughout the entire duration of a project.

Al.mand works, as required, both at the side of the client as "owner engineer" and at the side of the contractor as well as for banks and investors. Almond’s services include:

Building Construction & Civil Engineering

  • Turnkey Construction
  • Construction Engineering
  • Structural Alteration Works - Revitalisation
  • Construction Maintenance
  • Tunnelling
  • Ground Engineering
  • Steel Engineering
  • Timber Construction
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Bridge Construction
Transportation Infrastructures

  • Road Construction, Earthworks
  • Pipe and Sewer Construction
  • Railway Construction
  • Construction Material
  • Sewer Engineering
  • Town Planning and Landscape Architecture
  • Paving, Large Surfaces
  • Ground Engineering
  • Sports and Recreational Facilities
  • Traffic engineering
  • Waterway Construction